We believe in an unconventional approach to business in China - to listen before speaking and to understand before being understood - to craft viable solutions rather than demanding favorable outcomes.  IHSI research and relationships reflect our philosophy, supplying information that illuminates opaque problems.  Teams access information through public sources and private stakeholders.  With all the facts in hand, including ownership and interests, our principles choreograph an effective strategy.

Through foundation studies and strategic sector research incorporating the best available resources, each team will solicit expert assessments that reflect industry-literate opinions and that are directed to go beyond conventional approaches.  The team members will mobilize their extensive contacts at all levels of the international corporate and government spheres.  Patience is vital.  In China today, the only constant is change.  Projects can take years to come to fruition.  Agreements and contracts signal the beginning, not the end.  It is always difficult to predict sharp turns in policy.  But IHSI knows it is possible to offer reliable assessments of the factors and trends that shape outcomes.  Our commitment does not waver over the long haul.  Communication and research channels stay open.  Our track record testifies to our client's success.

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