IHS International focuses on strategic consulting in China, excelling in three areas:

    Market Entry - Employing our exclusive associations in China, IHSI is able to provide ahead-of-the-curve market entry into various regulated sectors of the Chinese economy.  We are not limited to specific industries; over the past thirty years, we have delivered results in telecommunications, energy, infrastructure, environment, healthcare, education, media, aerospace, and construction.

    Crisis Resolution - Navigating China's business environment is challenging; even the most experienced leaders can have difficulty.   We have assisted several Fortune 500 companies in pinpointing their barriers and overcoming them.

    Exchanges - IHSI facilitates partnerships between various American and Chinese entities. We provide decision makers with specialized access and information, presenting a unique understanding of China so they can make informed choices for their institutions.

With strong leadership, diverse teams, and multiple points of access, IHS International can meet your complex needs. Influential corporations, individuals, and organizations continue to find value in our work.

IHS International is retained by several international corporations conducting business in China.   Involvement with these various business and other entities has included utilities and their sustainable development, aviation equipment and services, medical care and equipment, mass transit systems, communication and information technologies, education, environmental protection, media and entertainment, real estate development, and finance and asset management.

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